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Computers that function alone without connecting to another computer called a stand-alone. Network or the networks is a way of connecting one computer to another computer using the cable and network cards, and controlled through the network operating system. The user can exchange data or programs, and can use data or programs together in the same time. If one computer to crash, the task can be taken over by another computer.

Network consists of:

Ie a computer that acts as a center and duty to serve the other computers connected to it. It can be a PC or a Mini. The server computer is generally designed to have greater capability than ordinary PCs. Servers can be fitted with more than one processor and memory capacity and hard disknyapun greater. Processor for serverpun nothing special such as Intel Xeon.
CLIENT / Workstation / TERMINAL
Is a computer connected to the server. This computer is a regular PC and perform common tasks such as typing, create tables, create programs and so forth. The advantages he can communicate with fellow client or the server, so he can retrieve or send data. Clients can also use a printer that distance away. Client can also serve as host when there is more than one client connected to him.
Listed on the mainboard. Each computer involved in the network shall be furnished this NIC. She was in charge of sending and receiving data to bridge that runs between the computer where it is installed with other computers in the network.
Is the most common transmission media used for a communication. Currently existing wireless LAN using infrared rays (infrared) to transmit data.
The aim is to create a network share (sharing) of data and information, and use hardware and software simultaneously by more than one user. We see further below:

A number of hardware is a bit too expensive if it must be purchased in large quantities. The printer for example, suppose a laser printer worth five million rupiah perbuahnya, while there are twenty users who want to use a laser printer, means must be paid a fee of one hundred million rupiahs only for printers only. With a network, this can be overcome, just a printer that can be used interchangeably by all users.
Data and Information
An authorized user can access data and information it needs from other computers connected in a network. In large companies, customer data stored in the server and can be accessed remotely using a modem, either from your PC, PDA or mobile telephone.
The most frequently used software will be stored in the server's hard disk so that it can be accessed by many users. A number of software made in different versions - a stand-alone version and the version of networking. Such software is already equipped with hardware-sharing capabilities.
E-mail, video conferencing, Internet and intranet can be done easily and efficiently through the network. Users of different cities or countries can conduct meetings without wasting time, effort and cost. Dikeluarkanpun only cost that should be limited to the purchase of hardware, software and network access is relatively much cheaper than plane tickets to fly to a number of trips to go-home.
There are three categories of networks:

LAN (Local Area Network)
A computer network located in one region (single building or a similar organization).

WAN (Wide Area Network)
Has a wider reach of the LAN, can be inter-city or inter-state.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
Connecting a number of LANs within a geographical area, but still smaller than a WAN. Usually for managing communications or traffic in a city. Telecom and cable TV are two of the users of MAN.

Some network classification:

Departmental network, used by a small group who work with one common purpose. Its primary objective is to to share local resources, such as applications, data, laser printers and Modems.
Campus network which connects several departmental LANs within a building or campus of a company.
Enterprise network linking computers around the location of a particular company. They can include a city, island or continent.
Global network covers all departments, campus, branch offices and subsidiaries of a company.

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