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Liberal Islam Network in Indonesia or say "Jaringan Islam Liberal" is a network of Islam who cherish freedom to think and act in the context of Islam. Is quite controversial Islamic organization in Indonesia. Following review of the Liberal Islam Network which is taken directly from her site:

What is Liberal Islam?

Liberal Islam is an interpretation of Islam which is based on the principles as follows:

a. open to all forms of intellectual exploration on all dimensions of Islam.

Liberal Muslims believe that Islam susceptible to critical thinking on itself is a chief principle that should be adhered to in order to keep Islam relevant from time to time. Closing the door of interpretations of Islam, partly or wholly, is a threat on Islam itself, because by being so Islam will rot. Liberal Muslims believe critical thinking can be done from many points of view, particularly ones that relate to social interaction, rituals, and theologies.

b. Prioritizing religio-ethics, not literal textual readings.

Liberal Muslims believe literal-textual readings of the Quran and Sunnah will only cripple Islam. On the contrary, an interpretation that is more religio-ethics will allow Islam to flourish creatively and be part of the global civilization that champion universal humanity.

c. Believing that truth is relative, open for interpretations and plural.

Liberal Muslims believe the idea of truth (in the interpretation of religion) is relative, on the grounds that human interpretations of it are made under certain circumstances or contexts; it is also open in the sense that the interpretations could be wrong or right; it is plural in the sense that one way or another it reflects the needs of the interpreters which change depending on time and space.

d. Siding with oppressed minorities

Liberal Muslims hold that a liberal interpretation of Islam is one which sides with the oppressed minorities and those who are marginalized. Liberal Muslims hold that it is against Islam to persecute those who differ in religious beliefs or in opinions.

e. Believing in the freedom to practice religious beliefs.

Liberal Muslims hold that it is the freedom of human beings whether or not to believe in religions must be protected. There should not be any persecution against whomsoever based on his or her opinions or religions.

f. Separation of world and heavenly authorities, religious and political authorities.

Liberal Muslims believe the authorities of the religions and the politics must be separated. Liberal Muslims believe the authorities of the religions and the politics must be separated. Liberal Muslims oppose the idea of theocracy. Religions are sources of inspirations that could influence public policy making, but they should not become holy prerogatives that grant the freedom to steer those policies. Religion should be of the private domain, whereas public affairs should be administered through consensual process.

Why Liberal Islam?

It represents the principles we believe in, namely Islam that stresses individual freedom and the liberation from all forms of oppressive structures of politics and society. Liberal here means two things: freedom and liberation. We believe Islam is always tied to an adjective, because Islam is always differently interpreted depending on the needs of its readers. We embrace one reading of it, that is “liberal”. To promote our liberal reading, we set up Liberal Islam Network.
Why Liberal Islam Network?

Our main aim to show the discourse on liberal Islam as widely as possible in the society. For that reason, we set up a network instead of a social organization nor a political party. JIL is a loose forum for whoever who have the same aspiration of promoting the idea of liberal Islam

What are JIL’s Mission?

First is to develop a liberal interpretation of Islam in accordance with the principles we believe in and also to promote it to the society.

Second is to open spaces for dialogues free from the pressures of the conservatives. We believe open dialogues can nurture a healthy Islamic thought and movement.

Third is to foster the creation of a social and political structure that is just and humane.

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