Recent Posts : Indonesian Online Payments is the first online payment tool in Indonesian. as the development and increasedselling / buying online and shop online to make the internetmarketingsekaligus businessman and owner of e-commerce,desperately need a reliable means of payment and have high credibility to facilitate and expedite the purchasing processonline transactions. to that end, Now has come an onlinepayment system with a very complete service, : Indonesian Online Payments. online payment service in both Indonesian andabroad, among others, payment using a debit card, credit cardsto have other functions to withdraw and send money in any medium of payment. This is an online payment tool application which is very needed by the perpetrators of e-commerce andInternet marketers in Indonesian. iPayMu also provide productsthat are the result of integration of three separate businesses,among others, e-commerce solutions, payment gateway /payment business network and merchant services business. and most importantly, all connected with ATM across Indonesian.

You need to know if an online payment Indonesian already has a certificate SSL or Secure Socket Layer which will make transaction online you to be safe from any harm. because the SSL certificate is an encryption protocol that helps hide the information of third parties who might try to steal personal information from your customers. SSL certificate using method 2 key or password that is a public key and private key. From both these keys have different functions.

The first key, function to turn on the Self Payment Information Online into code so that others can not understand the other party and used to hide information through encoding. Meanwhile, a second key function, used to decode the information. Through this SSL certificate you can get a security certificate is varied, ranging from encryption of 40 bits (low security) to 128 bit encryption (security was pretty good; standard) to 256-bit encryption (the best security currently available). this security system owned by : Indonesian Online Payments

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